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Amy Burzinski is a professional member of the Trichotillomania Learning Center (TLC) and a leading expert on trichotillomania in the state of Ohio. She practices a comprehensive model for behavioral treatment of Trichotillomania developed by Golomb, Charles Mansueto, Amanda McCombs Thomas and Ruth M. Townsley Stemberger, also known as the CoMB method. Amy leads a treatment team of certified professionals at A+ Solutions to aid adults, children and families in dealing with this disorder (and other BFRBs) through customized treatment programs.

What they do

A+ works through a process that begins with a functional assessment, following by work with you to develop strategies that will delay or interrupt pulling or picking behaviors and lead to small successes that can be built upon to control these urges over the course of time. This clip is a peak into one of the many workshops and talks that Amy hosts for professionals, teachers or any group wishing to learn more about and gain a better understanding of trichotillomania. In part 2 of the webinar post on starting and maintaining a peer support group for BFRBs, the speaker talks about the value of inviting guest speakers to your meetings. Amy is an example of the kind of expert that can make a valuable contribution to these kinds of support group. More information and contact information can be found on the Solutions website.


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