Help Your Child Break Free From Hair Pulling.

Our therapists will guide you every step of the way and help you help your child finally break free from hair pulling.

Evidence based therapy that works.

Our program is based on evidence-based therapeutic approaches, further tailored to suit your child’s needs.

Professional guidance every step of the way.

Work with experienced professionals who have experience with BFRB treatment.

Anytime & Anywhere

We use text-based communication that you can access anytime and anywhere.

We’ve used our expertise to treat thousands of clients from over 40 countries.


Expert Help When You Need It Most

Our program provides expertly guidance and advice, wherever you are and whenever you need it.

Talk to your therapist via a secure messaging system from any device.

Learn about practical ways to reduce your child’s symptoms.

Improve your parenting and communication skills.

What Clients Say

A happier life starts now.

Help your child take control of their pulling through professional therapy and evidence-based techniques.

By The Numbers

Average reduction in Trichotillomania symptoms with Trichstop

Numbers presented are global for Trichstop (not only for parents program)

Of clients experience a reduction in Trichotillomania symptoms after just 3 weeks.
Of clients find symptoms reduced by half (or more) after two months of treatment with TrichStop.
Of clients who finish the program would recommend TrichStop to others with the same condition.

Help Your Child with TrichStop.

With TrichStop tools your child will learn how to stop pulling and how to develop with instead of against emotions.


    Teach your child how to be more aware of triggers and hair pulling behaviors.


    Learn how to minimize pulling by replacing it with healthier alternative behaviors.


    Alter your child’s environment to minimize triggering situations.


    Teach your child to open up to the urges and learn from them, instead of trying to control them.


    Teaching your child how to recognize and regulate their emotions will help them develop healthier strategies that render hair pulling obsolete.


    Balancing your child’s needs with external demands will foster healthy, sustainable development.

Expert therapy at an affordable price

Getting the help you deserve shouldn’t empty your wallet.

Receive unlimited monthly counseling with TrichStop for the price of one traditional (in-office) therapy session.