How to start a peer support group - Part 2



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Last month we shared part 1 of a three part series webinar hosted by the Trichotillomania Learning Centre (TLC) and the Canadian BFRB Support Network (CBSN) on starting and maintaining a peer support group for BFRBs. In this recording they briefly recap over the information from the previous video. There is then a detailed discussion about promotion of the group with examples of ways that you can get the word out.

The content of the group

The speaker provides a really useful breakdown of what content you can fill the groups with and how to ensure that the groups are more purposeful and fruitful each session. She provides a list of suggested topics or themes to focus discussions around.

How to advocate for BFRBs

There is also recognition for those who would like to advocate for BFRBs but do not want to do so publicly. The speaker reassures the listener that this is okay as not everyone is ready to come out publicly about their disorder. She provides tips for how you can still be active in advocating for BFRBs anonymously and still make a difference. For those who are open about their disorder and do not mind being a public voice for BFRBs such as trichotillomania, the speaker touches on ways to make a difference publicly as well.

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