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Mar 18th, 2014

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trichotillomania wigsTrichotillomania – the disorder where a person has a compulsive urge to pull out his or her hair – can be devastating to a person’s life. It can make it hard for a person to be social. It can also make a person feel wracked with feelings of negative emotions. And of course, it could have an extremely negative impact on a person’s physical appearance.

While various forms of treatment are available for people that suffer from trichotillomania to help work through and manage the disorder, these gradual processes may not offer a short-term solution that is needed to remedy the loss of hair that was pulled out. Fortunately, people that suffer from this disorder can turn to trichotillomania wigs as a means to cope with its physical aspects.

Specially Designed for Trichotillomania Sufferers

By their very nature, trichotillomania wigs are a little different than the average wig. The wigs for hair pullers are typically designed with the notion that the skin on the top of the head of a person suffering from the disorder is extremely sensitive. This level of sensitivity is heightened due to the fact that the hairs on the head have been yanked out with a measure of force. As a result, the base of a good trichotillomania wig – that is, the part that fits onto the scalp – will be made of comfortable fabrics, such as lace or cotton.

Additionally, having a sense of realism is extremely crucial for good trichotillomania wigs. To achieve this realism, the wigs are typically made from human hair that has been donated through various charitable programs. Once the hair is received by the wig making company, it is treated and colored so it looks as natural as possible.

Trichotillomania and Hair Extensions

For people that suffer from trichotillomania yet do not feel comfortable or embarrassed by the prospect of wearing a wig, hair extensions are a viable option for masking the results of the disorder. The purpose of trichotillomania hair extensions is twofold:

  • It helps to curb hair being pulled out – Because the hair extensions are not actual hair that is rooted into a scalp, it cannot be pulled out of the scalp. As a result, the hair that is attached to the extensions is safe.
  • It helps natural hair to regain health – One of the negative effects of trichotillomania is how the natural hair of the person suffering from the disorder degrades and weakens over time as a result of being pulled out. However, since the hair extensions provide a barrier of sorts for the natural hair that it attaches to, the hair is allowed to grow and gradually regain its strength.

All About Confidence

Using a trichotillomania wig can be a powerful ally for a person that is suffering from the disorder because it does more than mask compulsive hair pulling. It gives these people a huge boost in their self-confidence. This may sound obvious, but this feeling goes a little deeper. One of the big side effects of trichotillomania is feelings of guilt or depression over the act, and these feelings are noted to be one of the possible causes of the disorder, thus creating a vicious cycle. However, a trichotillomania wig or trichotillomania hair extensions help to break this cycle, which in turn returns a state of self-assuredness that may otherwise be lost.

Not the Final Solution

While obtaining a trichotillomania wig can be an important step in helping a person that suffers from the disorder, it is not the final step. Indeed, this type of wig will only improve the cosmetic aspects of the disorder. If a person wishes to go further to address trichotillomania and its problems, he or she should still look into a form of treatment.


TrichStop’s editorial team is comprised of mental health professionals who specialize in research and treatment of BFRBs (body focused repetitive behaviors) such as trichotillomania (hair pulling) disorder. You can learn more about our team here.

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Find out the severity of your symptoms with this free online test


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