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Here at we try our best to bring you the latest news and research about compulsive hair pulling and related disorders. In countless blog posts and articles there has been a resource we have referenced, cited and recommended for its great work in advocating and spreading awareness about not only trichotillomania, but all body-focused repetitive behaviors (BFRBs). The Trichotllomania Learning Center, or TLC for short, has been a source of support and hope for thousands of people around the world for 25 years!

For a long time now the organization's name did not adequately capture who they are and what they do. Why? Because for the longest time TLC has been about far more than just learning about trichotillomania. It has been a beacon of hope, a centre for research, a lighthouse of support; TLC is and has been a community. But perhaps the most significant and most important change by the organization over the years is the increased attention they were giving to many other BFRBs such as compulsive skin picking and nail biting. At their annual conferences TLC were no longer only focuses on compulsive hair pulling, but offers workshops, presentations and speakers covering all BFRBs. 

A New Home

As of March 2016 the Trichotillomania Learning Center will be known as the TLC Foundation for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors and has even moved to a beautiful new home on the world wide web. The look and feel of the new website is fresh and welcoming, with a tagline that communicates a message of hope:

Sharing Knowledge. Supporting Recovery. Finding a Cure

We still have a very long way to go to understanding body-focused repetitve behaviors, let alone finding a cure, but that should not detract from the huge amount of progress that has been made to date. It is for this very reason that the old website will continue to exist for, as far as we know, the unforseeable future, becuase it houses such a wealth of information there that will still benefit those who happen to land on

According the their website, the TLC Foundation for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors mission is the same as it was for TLC only with an overt shift in focus from just trichotillomania to all BFRBs:

to end the suffering caused by body-focused repetitive behaviors. We've reached millions of people with our educational campaigns, and transformed isolation and despair into a strong and vibrant community. Our Members are the core community that makes that possible.

But support, advocacy and research does not come cheap. There is so much work that goes into simply providing information and raising awareness. We here at Trichstop can testify to that. We emerse ourselves in to the world of trichotillomania so that we can stay on top of the latest research and knowledge as the medical community's understanding of this condition grows, so that we an bring this information to you. The work that the TLC Foundation for BFRBs does is soley supported by volunteers, donations and the support of it's members through their annual membership fees, and the sales in their online store. The TLC has been an invaluable resource for us, not only for the information they provide, but also through the professional training our online therapy program therapists were able to access to enhance their skills in supporting our clients through their journey of recovery. So we urge you to visit the new website, access the resources they provide, and if you are by the means to do so, to support the Foundation in their work so they may continue to provide hope for the BFRB community for years to come.

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