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Rebecca, or BeckiO as she is fondly known in the blogosphere, has been one of the pioneers of digital advocacy for trichotillomania. Her open disclosures and unfiltered sharing of her opinions and thoughts on all things trich has been a source of inspiration for many compulsive hair pullers the world over. This video. Although only posted in 2015, was filmed mid-2014 already and documents what Rebecca refers to as the shaving trap.

To shave or not to shave...that is the question

As she describes in the video description, she wasn't able to post the video since it was created, but felt it was relevant to share now given her current struggles with trichotillomania. For many people suffering from trichotillomania, shaving the head has been the answer to their daily struggles, some even finding relief and a sense of renewed freedom from the shackles of this disorder. However, as we discover time and time again with this disorder as with many other BFRBs, what works for one does not necessarily work for others. From Rebecca’s perspective, shaving the head can be damaging and she perceived it to be her lowest point. In the end the decision to shave is a huge decision, and an intensely personal one not to be taken lightly.

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