Meet Jillian Clark - Living with trich


Meet Jillian Clark, an award winning editorial and portrait photographer and an advocate for people with Trichotillomania.  Like many trich sufferers, Jillian struggled with this disorder for many years in silence, not knowing that her daily struggles had a name or that there was help available for her. Fortunately we live in the age of technology where we have access to information at our fingertips. Jillian found answers when she searched the term "pull out my hair" did she come across the term trichotillomania.

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Doing something radical

One day Jillian did something radical, deciding to shave all her hair off. At first she felt very self conscious but eventually start to feel confident as the style suited her professional persona as an editorial photographer. Jillian is now in a space where she is trying to make peace with who she is and accept herself as she is.


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