Princess locks for Victoria


No woman would ever want to look at themselves in the mirror and see bald patches. Yet, this is what some women who pull their hair out compulsively have to experience, living with the knowledge that they have caused that damage to their own hair. This condition, known as trichotillomania can cause guilt, shame and a reluctance to be seen in public and results in many attempts to cover up the bald patches. Victoria, a young woman living in Scotland experienced this shame since she started pulling her hair out at the age of 14, after the death of her stepfather. 

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Hair Confidence for Victoria

Victoria has tried many different avenues to stop this compulsive urge to pull her hair out to no avail which resulted in her having to deal with being bald throughout her teenagage years. This resulted in a loss of friends and bullying, making her teenage years difficult, and destroying her self confidence. Then Victoria discovered the Enhancer System by Hair-Solved, a unique and advanced non-surgical hair integration system. It is a custom made hair system fixed to your head using existing hair, or in case of total hair loss – specialist surgical tapes (until some of the hair grows back).  And in Victoria's own words: changed my life.  I'm a completely different person.  I take pride in how I look, I'm outgoing, I'm confident and I'm happy.  

However as much as it is a high quality product, it does not last forever as wearing it day in and day out, it is inevitably susceptible to normal wear and tear. According to Hair-Solved one Enhancer can last, in good condition, for anything from 18 months to 3 years, depending on maintenance. Victoria has now reached that point when her hair system has become too worn to use, but sadly she is unable to afford the cost required replace it. Victoria's best friend Linzi Stewart has rallied support for Victoria by starting a crowdfunding campaign to help raise the funds needed to renew her friend's confidence and happiness with a new head of princess locks. The campaign target is £750 and the campaign is currently at just below 30% of target. 

You can Help Victoria get her Princess Locks

You can help Victoria by donating to the campaign or even just sharing her story so that others who are a position to donate will also have the opportunity to do so.  Once Victoria is able to purchase her new system it will take about 3 to 6 hours to fit in three steps:

Step one is to attach a special high durability flexible mesh to the scalp. This is achieved by carefully threading strands of Victoria's existing hair through the mesh. They then secure the mesh using her own hair and specialist tools. No heat or glue is used as these can increase the risk of damage to Victoria's own hair. 

Step two - Only 100% human hair is used and applied to the mesh. Again, no heat or glue is used to attach the hair to the mesh. The hair is applied in small sections to replicate the fall and movement of natural hair. 

Step three – Stylists, trained to master the techniques of cutting hair with hair extensions will ensure that Victoria leaves with an absolutely beautiful head of hair.

Victoria's campaign will also give hope to other women suffering from the debilitating, shameful effects of trichotillomania through donating any funds that go well and over the campaign's target to The Little Princess Trust. The Little Princess Trust is a charity that provides wigs made from real hair to children who are suffering from any form of hair loss, especially after experiencing the effects of cancer.



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