Girls on the Pull Documentary Part 2


Last month we shared with you a two part documentary called 'Girls on the Pull'. Here we share with you part 2 as the documentary continues on the journey with 3 different women who are all compulsive hair pullers. We left off part one with the young woman Harriet having had an interlace system installed. Part 2 kicks off with Harriet having it removed to see if her own hair has started to grow back or not. We also check back in with the other 2 ladies who also have some success with growing back hair lost over years of pulling. Lucinda Ellery shares her own emotional journey with hair loss, stating that her troubles correlates with the time that her father dies. For many compulsive hair pullers, trauma, emotional distress or any major stressful life event can often be the trigger for the onset of hair pulling. In the beginning it may not be a problem, but as the behavior is repeated, the habit becomes so ingrained that it is no longer a habit, but almost an addiction.

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Growing back the hair is only half the battle won

While growing the hair back is a major step toward breaking the cycle of pulling, it is not a cure. One of the women in the documentary spoke about habit reversal therapy and hypnosis, but more importantly what all three women had that made a significant difference, was support. The unwaivering support and understanding from people you love and care for can go a long way in helping a person overcome hair pulling disorder. In the end, even though all three women successfully regained their own hair, they all recognize that it will be a struggel they will have to maintain for the rest of their lives. But if anything this documentary has shown that there is hope!


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