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When buying hair products is a big deal

For trichotillomania sufferers, the simple act of buying hair products can be an emotional experience, particularly if the hair pulling behaviour is so severe that it has impacted negatively on the individual’s hair re-growth. There are many people with trichotillomania who have bald spots or hair that is damaged and broken. This is a source of great shame and embarrassment, exacerbated by the many advertisements we see all around conveying the message that beautiful hair makes us beautiful.One prolific blogger with a vast following on both her tumblr blog and YouTube channel, who has been very open about her struggles with hair pulling and hair loss, recently posted a video blog about a visit to a local Lush beauty store. Lush is a cosmetic chain that sells fresh smelling, handmade, natural beauty products. In her video, Rebecca shares with her viewers her product purchases.

Its natural and it promotes hair growth

The first product she purchased is called “Roots” which a scalp treatment infused with mint, which stimulates hair follicles for re-growth. She also purchased something called a shower bar, which she describes as being like a bar of soap, but for your hair. There are a variety of flavours, but the one Rebecca purchased, called “New”, contains cinnamon, cloves and peppermint, and is also meant to stimulate the hair follicles and treat the scalp. The final product she purchased is a hair mask that brightens fair hair over time, reversing the effects of sun damage. While this may seem like a random video about some hair products, for people with hair pulling disorder, being able to buy hair products and having hair to use them on is hugely significant. As Rebecca says in her video, this was the first time she was able to go into a beauty store, speak to staff about her hair condition with positive results, and actually purchase products that she has every intention of using.

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