Emotional video of BeckieO shaving her head


We have been sharing the stories and experiences of many bloggers and Youtubers on our blog since the launch of this website, and BeckieO from Trichjournal has been a regular feature. But his latest video by of BeckieO shaving her head was one of the most heart wrenching videos to watch. For those who do not have a body-focussed repetitive behavior, one can never truly understand what it feels like to be compelled to engage in such destructive behaviors as pulling one's own hair out. But watching this video, one cannot help but feel the pain and anguish that BeckieO feels when she shaves her head.

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Shaving to beat trich

We have raised the issue about shaving a couple of times on this blog, highlighting that shaving may be a saving solution for many trich sufferers but not for others. But this experience that BeckieO so courageously shared with us also shows that at different times on your journey of recovery, different strategies may be necessary.

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