The 2016 TLC conference is here!


Every year we post details about the annual Trichotillomania Learning Center conference and this year is no exception. These conferences are an amazing opportunity for people from all walks of life, of all ages to come together in unity against the disorders that are impacting millions of people's lives world wide. Body-focused repetitive behaviors (BFRBs) do not discriminate. Research has shown that BFRBs like trichotilllomania and excoriation (skin picking) disorder affect children as young as toddlers right up to the elderly in their final years. There have been reported diagnoses in in countries on every continent on the planet.

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The Trichotillomania Learning Centre (TLC) has over the years grown and developed the conference to what it is today - the only event of its kind in the world! TLC has manged to bring together the world's top BFRB experts, community leaders and changemakers to educate, inspire and support. In the video above, you see footage from the 2015 TLC Conference in Arlington, VA. this year they are expected 500 delegates, consisting of individuals, families, and treatment providers.

This year will be a particularly special year to attend, because it is the inaugral conference since the Tricholtillomania Learning Center became the TLC Foundation for Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors. For years TLC has been inclusive of all BFRBs not just trichotillomania, particularly at the conferences. So this year's conference ought to be a real celebration of the acknowledgement and the advances the organization has made in the field. According to the information page on their website, you should attend the conference because:

  • Over 60 workshops, symposiums and presentations facilitated by leading clinicians, researchers and facilitators.
  • Networking opportunities with others who suffer from these disorders.
  • Accessibility to expert clinicians and researchers who understand and care.
  • Inspiration from stories of triumph and recovery and the knowledge that you are not alone!
  • Education on the latest treatment approaches, for self-help or use in your professional practice.

The conference is around the corner and if you are not able to attend of tickets are sold out, do still follow the proceedings via social media, look out for follow up posts and videos following the event, and be sure to be on the look out for next year's conference. This is an even not to be missed!

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