I knew my trich was getting better when...


The road to recovery can be long and full of setbacks. So how do you know it's getting better? The Trichotillomania Learning Centre (TLC) created a video with the theme “I knew it was getting better when…." to capture the important role a supportive community plays in the rocky road to dealing with body-focussed repetitive behaviors such as trichotillomania and excoriation disorder. TLCplays such a significant role in the lives of those living with these conditions. They have always been at the forefront of research and advancement in knowledge about the disorder and work very hard at trying to find the treatments that work. But most importantly TLC provides the support that those sufferring with BFRBs and their loved ones so desperately need to keep them going on this extremely difficult journey.

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There is hope

As some of the participants in the video describe, they knew they or a loved one was getting better when:

I realised I was a person and not a condition

she stopped wearing hats

I could see a future without trichotillomania

I saw my hair grow

For many trich sufferers, just knowing that their behavior had a name, that is is a clinically recognized condition, but most significantly, that they are not the only ones who do it...that in itself brings hope. One young girl mentions a TLC bracelet she wears everyday that is a positive reminder to her that she is not alone. As it is so aptly concluded in the video,

I knew it was getting better...when I found TLC

Are you on the road to recovery? Share with us, how did you know it was getting better?


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