Slightly Robot - A New Habit Awareness Device


Many people pull or play with their hair habitually, but for some this habit evolves into a clinical disorder known as trichotillomania. It stands to reason then that one method to overcome hair pulling is to reverse the habit. Every habit has three components: a cue (or a trigger for an automatic behaviour to start), a routine (the behaviour itself) and a reward (which is how our brain learns to remember this pattern for the future). Habit Reversal Training is a form of cognitive behavioral therapy that operates on the premise that by replacing hair pulling with other behaviours every time you are aware of a hair pulling trigger, eventually this new behaviour will become more habituated. However this requires that you be aware of when you are about to pull. This can be difficult for someone who engages in automatic pulling

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Introducing Slightly Robot!

Slightly Robot is a device that tracks your hands and vibrates when your hands perform certain actions. You can calibrate it to your personal behaviors, and it then monitors your hand position and vibrates whenever your hands go where they're not supposed to. Long term trends are automatically logged in your phone to see how you are doing. Not only is the device great for awareness training, it looks good and is comfortable to wear too. Each bracelet is handmade. Sporting a genuine leather strap and stainless steel buckles. We contacted the founders of Slightly Robot and they have agreed to an interview. We will be featuring their interview on our blog next month.


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