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When asking our clients for feedback, we ask these two questions:

- How do you sum up your experience with the program and was it beneficial?
- Would you recommend it to others who suffer from Trichotillomania?

May 2021

I struggled with hair-pulling from the time I was a small child. At the time I didn't understand what was happening with me internally and neither did my parents or others around me. The Trichstop program has definitely changed my life. It is one of the best decisions I've made. I learned to become aware of the behavior and the settings and triggers that lead to the behavior. I now have the tools I need to live a life that is not dominated by hair-pulling. I have also learned so much more about myself thanks to the sessions with my therapist. I would 100% recommend the program to anyone who is seeking help with pulling-behavior. If you are dedicated to making the change and facing the things that are difficult to face, this program is going to work!

May 2021

Trichstop has met all my expectations and above! I have been struggling with hair pulling for most of my life. I have tried everything over the years and nothing has helped. I enjoyed the step by step guided program with the ongoing support of my therapist. I have a new understanding that have helped me navigate my hair pulling and other ongoing issues. I highly recommend this program to anyone ready to tackle their hair pulling.

April 2021

My experience with the program has been enlightening. I wasn't expecting it to be beneficial in multiple different areas of my life, but it certainly has been. Examining the causes and effects of my pulling has helped me identify areas of my life that needed change. I have learned a lot about myself, the ways in which my struggles are related, and how I can overcome them. I would definitely recommend the program to someone looking for help with their pulling behaviors. The approaches and techniques introduced in the program are varied, so I am sure most people would benefit from at least one of the sessions.

March 2021

In general, I had a great experience with this program and it allowed me to reduce the amount of pulling that I engage in. The online component made it easy to integrate into my schedule, especially in the middle of a pandemic. The fact that everything was done in written form allowed me to reflect on and adjust my answers before submitting them, which is something that would have been more difficult in person. More time is allowed for me to think about my answers to the therapist's questions when I have a week to get the session done. However, the fact that there was no explicit appointment for any of the sessions sometimes made it difficult to maintain the regular schedule. During busier weeks, this therapy was the first thing to go, which inevitably made the therapy a little bit less effective (I took several weeks off for the holidays). Overall, my pulling was reduced and I was given many strategies to cope with my anxiety; however, I do expect that my pulling with continue to reduce and I apply the strategies I've learned in this therapy. I would most definitely recommend this therapy to someone who needs the same type of help. I would recommend making sure that you have enough time for the coming months (more than the next 8 weeks, so as to allow for some time off if necessary). I don't think that this therapy would have been very effective for anyone who's not fully ready to immerse themselves in their negative thoughts and to spend a lot of time thinking about their bad habits and behaviors. My pulling has been one of the things that is constantly on my mind especially since I've started the program. In the long run, this will surely be helpful, but in the short-term, it can feel quite isolating.

January 2021

I have been struggling with Trichotillomania for more than 5 years, it started when I was around 12 years old. All these years, I tried to deal with it on my own. I tried to cover up the bald spots on my lashes and eyebrows, but I never attacked the problem at its source. I suddenly stopped pulling on my eyebrows after 2 years, but I could never stop pulling on my eyelashes. A few months ago, my partner and I came across Trichstop and I decided to give it a try. I was not sure about it at first because I did not like the idea that I would be doing therapy, but I ended up viewing it differently. It is a way to help myself, there is nothing wrong with it. When I started the sessions, I was super motivated and positive. I was very determined to finally stop pulling. Each of the sessions was super beneficial and made me learn so much about myself and my experience with Trichotillomania. It was amazing to always have someone who's qualified to talk to and explain what you are going through without any judgment. Today, I finished the main program and I have not pulled in more than 3 months! I am super happy. At the moment, I could not always see how each session was beneficial, but week after week I started noticing that I was internalizing some of the practices that I learned about. This is when I started seeing progress. The program is truly amazing and I advise anyone to do it if they are going through something similar. I am very grateful for Trichstop. Their program is well structured and they are dedicated to helping their clients.
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