Over 93% of clients who finish the program say they would (and do) recommend it to others

The experience was great. I do feel it was beneficial, it was in my own time frame and got great feedback and tips of how to work through my BFRB. I also like the layout because I could also refer back to it constantly vs going to a therapist and having to try and remember from week to week, where this was really laid out for me to refer back to on my own time. I also learn better by reading information and absorbing it on my own time. I would for sure recommend it for others.

October 2019

It has been very beneficial, supportive and much more in-depth than I imagined, making me feel more confronted with myself than ever, which has been exactly what I needed. The therapist has asked me some very interesting questions leading me to find out all sorts of things about myself and has always been so understanding and easy to converse with. I am not completely cured but I have a lot more confidence to deal with the urges and strategies to implement. I would definitely recommend it.

September 2019

This program helped me cope with my Trich, reason with myself, help me with my anxiety, and find ways to prevent the pulling. It was definitely beneficial to me as a person struggling with trich, but also helped me regain my self esteem and confidence in my hair. I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who's struggling with this habit. Thank you

August 2019

My experience with the program was excellent. I didn't really have any expectations going into it, and I was really pleasantly surprised. I worked very closely on a weekly, sometimes daily, basis with my therapist to really dive into the core reasons I was pulling. Even though it wasn't a face to face interaction, I was able to work through a lot of issues in detail and look at them from a different perspective. The tools and ideas they present in these 8 week sessions are very useful and efficiently sequenced from start to finish. Overall I experienced a significant decrease in my urges to pull and gained so much knowledge in ways to handle my urges in the future. [Would I recommend it to someone else who's looking for help with the behaviour?] Absolutely! It is definitely worth the value, and the great news is you have a record of all of your conversations with the therapist to reflect on and re-visit at any time. In a way, this program held me accountable to myself to truly put in the effort and see measurable outcomes with great success.

July 2019

I am very impressed with this program. It has given me so much to think about and try. I have benefited greatly from it already. The program isn't easy, and I've been quite up and down with my hair pulling, but I now have tools to use to help. I feel much more grounded than I did before. I would absolutely recommend it to someone else who's ready to work on their pulling.

July 2019

To sum up the program, I would say it was very beneficial and being able to speak with a knowledgeable therapist who knows the struggles and challenges of Trich was great. Where I was when I started the program to where I am now is a night and day difference. I would definitely recommend this program to others. Thank you again!

February 2019

This program was extremely, fundamentally beneficial to not only my hair pulling behaviour but my wider mental health. My experience with this program was very helpful and insightful as it opened my eyes to fully identifying and understand my own thoughts, feelings and urges. This program has also been challenging in a positive way, with the notes to take away from sessions and small value goals or practice goals for each week (to implement what I've learnt) acting as positive, rewarding challenges. I would absolutely recommend it to someone else who's looking for help with the behaviour. I think future people must be aware of how much they must do on their side, the commitment and persistence the course requires that, if you devote yourself, can be life-changingly beneficial. This program is a really valuable source of self knowledge / acceptance and encourages to properly break down and analyze the thoughts and feelings you are often faced with.

February 2019

Despite having done CBT before, this program was slightly different and taught me new techniques particularly acceptance and mindfulness. I would 100% recommend this program to other trich sufferers, especially those who have already done a face-to-face treatment before as I think that is also quite important

November 2018

I recommend this program for anyone coping with hair pulling. I want to say: I was hesitant before enrolling. It's scary to open up to strangers on the internet and in a way make my situation public. I read as much as I could about online treatments and specifically about "trichstop" and when I was convinced it was a serious company and serious treatment I enrolled. I am very happy I did. I know that I have a lot of suppressed feelings stored up inside of me and that this program can't treat them all. But I got from this program exactly what I needed - tools to cope with my inner feeling and tools to detach between these feelings and the habit of pulling out my hair. So, I want to thank you very much for guiding me and seeing me through this journey. I'm on the right track!! The program is built very well, mixing theoretical information and actual practice. It is built in a very gradual way that leads us forward by letting us learn the situations where we pull, the specific triggers to pulling, the feelings that lie underneath and how to deal with them. Michaela did a wonderful job leading me forward. Her comments and questions were helpful and gentle.

October 2018

When I joined the program I was very skeptical, but I decided to give it a go. After the 3rd week I had already noticed huge improvements and that kept me motivated to carry on. The techniques I learnt in the first 4 sessions were enough to stop the pulling, but the further sessions opened up a new way of living that it's helping me with other problems in my life. I would happily recommend the therapy to anyone suffering from a repetitive compulsive behavior.

September 2018