97% of clients who finish the program say they would (and do) recommend it to others

I would definitely recommend this program to someone else with a hair pulling habit. It has really helped me and I would want them to be able to get help and get their habit under control. Though it was embarrassing and uncomfortable to examine my habit so closely, it is important and has helped me. Looking at it so closely and understanding my triggers and behaviors that accompany it has helped me to find strategies and methods to combat it. This program worked way better than the previous methods and systems that I had tried, and I think that others with a hair pulling habit would find it to be very helpful.

dec 2016

This trajectory was very helpful for me. Even though my pulling behaviour was not completely eliminated, it was definitely reduced. Most importantly, this program helped me on my journey of getting to know myself better. I was able to make sense of past experiences and feelings that have contributed to my pulling habit. I was also able to focus on the present as well as my future goals. I especially liked the focus on mindfulness and accepting your negative thoughts. This program also made me feel less alone when it comes to my pulling behaviour. It's comforting to know that I'm not the only with this struggle, and that there is hope for change.

june 2016

I feel a little sad that it's over but very glad that I found this program. It certainly exceeded my expectations in completely unexpected ways. Overall, I found it to be very valuable, relatable and meaningful. Although some of the techniques felt a little forced initially, the underlying messages and directions resonated with me and I feel like I genuinely can adopt them going forward. It felt amazing to be understood - the sessions put words to what I had been feeling and wanting for a long time but not pursuing in a structured way. Although pulling is definitely still a struggle, the holistic view presented shifted my focus in a way that I've needed for a long time and I am really excited to figure out and pursue what's truly meaningful to me

june 2016

I have had a very positive experience with this program. The sessions were very informational and exact on target of what I go through on a daily basis. Some techniques did not work for me but I found some that did. This program taught me to be focused in the moment and accept my feelings. When I do this I am able to change my mind set and avoid my urge. I still pull and give into urges but I have made huge progress and know what to do when I have an urge. From this program my husband better understands what I am going through and has become EXTREMELY supportive. We discuss my progress/feelings each night. This is something we had never done before this program. I am very hopefully that I continue to get stronger each day and I pray each night that I can overcome this need of pulling and live a more fulfilling life.

May 2016

The responses to comments on the worksheets were always quick, helpful and much appreciated. I enjoyed that some of the sessions gave you things to work on for the week, for example practicing your competing response and implementing stimulus control.

March 2016

As each session went along , and different aspects of my behavior (and behaviors in general) were explored , some really important insights sneaked up on me - and have definitely improved how I see myself and how to be better to myself. Even though the program is designed for a broad audience , the questions and responses are personal enough to really get to the heart of the matter . Everything is discussed in a frank , practical and non-judgemental manner , and that is much appreciated .

Feb 2016

I would recommend it to anyone who is looking for help with this behaviour. I did not have any other options where I come from and I would have had to explain too much to the therapist. Here, my therapist knows the problem already and there is a clear program in place.

Jan 2016

I am happy I took this course even though difficult at times. Yes I would suggest this program to others it is a subject matter hard to discuss face to face. I really felt comfortable talking like this.

Dec 2015

I read all the information in all the nooks and crannies and then with slight hesitation enrolled in the on-line therapy sessions. I found it easier to be open and honest with this program, more than a face to face therapy session. I was brutally honest here. To make this program work, for yourself, you have to be honest and sincere in your efforts. The awareness and changes do not happen overnight, every day has new challenges as well as new accomplishments. I constantly had to remind myself to think in single steps and to not run. I will always have to remind myself to slow down and acknowledge the small, single accomplishments day to day…. My therapist was caring and appreciative of my every effort. They posed questions to further my thought process along the way, and when I needed to take a step back and re do a few weeks, they were very supportive. Not only have I recommended this program in general to others, I gave this site and program specifically to my face to face therapists so they could visit and hopefully find it a place to recommend to other patients in the future.

Dec 2015

She [my therapist] has always been very patient and helpful. ... In order to get the maximum effect of this program, I would recommend you to follow all the instructions and take them seriously. I am happy I have completed it: I believe it has set me on the right track.

Oct 2015