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- Would you recommend it to others who suffer from Trichotillomania?

November 2020

I am so grateful for this therapy! Every lesson has been helpful and I highly recommend this program. I was able to get help with issues that I thought were well beyond my hair pulling, but were actually closely related. It took me twice as long as I expected, because I had so much to unpack, but it was well worth it. I was able to write about things I have not talked about with anyone. I felt cared for, respected, and honored by my therapist who listened to me compassionately, guiding me with knowledgeable advice and kind encouragement. I have been able to reorganize my life in a way that is healthier, truly reflective of who I am, and conducive to a pull-free future! And I love my new eyebrows and eyelashes! I've been pull-free for 9 weeks now and they're growing in beautifully! After 36 years of pulling, I finally get to see what I really look like. I finally get to be who I really am. Thank you so much!!

September 2020

I have been pleasantly surprised by the Trichstop program, primarily because I got out of it so much more than I was expecting. I came in looking for an evidence-based program for trich, and I definitely got that. While my puling hasn't altogether stopped, it's definitely at a lower frequency (on average, 5 and under hairs per day, with some days none) and the associated distress is pretty much gone. Thankfully I didn't come in with any functional impairment (i.e., not being able to leave the house, avoiding social situations, etc) and that hasn't changed. What I hadn't anticipated was that so much work would be around past events and connecting those to my current emotions, thoughts, urges, and pulling behavior. It has led to me having much needed conversations, expressing my thoughts and feelings known, and increasing my ability to meet my needs. It's led to more crying than I've done in the past several years, and to coming into contact with sadness, pain, hurt, and unfortunate but overdue realizations about my experience as a child (and beyond) with those who were supposed to care for and nurture me. This has also led to me feeling more connected to those around me (friends, partner) who have been supportive and have provided a safe space for me to grow emotionally.

June 2020

I think this was a really great experience for me. I pulled my eyelashes for at least 10 years, and by this point, I really never thought I would be able to stop. Once I finally got the gumption to find a therapy program, I was very intrigued by this program, as I did not have to schedule in person appointments. Overall, I would say it was very beneficial. So far, after 8 weeks, I went from my pulling significantly impacting my life and mental health in a very negative way. Now, I find myself rarely pulling, much more mindful of my internal and external needs, and have gain self confidence and some beautiful eyelashes are coming back in and I could not be more excited! I still have a long ways to go before complete eyelashes back, and I understand that I may have some setbacks, but I believe I have the tools from this program to be able to maintain this success and never pull an eyelash again! I would recommend this program, 100%. I was very hesitant at first, just because I didn't think anything would help me, but just a couple weeks in I already saw a difference and each following week kept building upon itself in such a positive way. I read some of the reviews before joining this program, and I felt like many of them were positive, and suggested to try it. Well I would say to listen to all of those positive suggestions! For me, this changed many parts of my life around and gave me back some freedoms that I had thought I lost forever!

March 2020

I have been struggling with pulling my hair for over 10 years. I spent several months deciding whether or not I should pay for TrichStop and I'm so glad that I did. Having access to a therapist on such a regular basis (responses received within 24 hours), helped me to explore a variety of different issues. TrichStop has helped me to learn a variety of methods such as mindfulness and how they can successfully be used to help reduce hair pulling. Most importantly I have learnt to be more kind to myself. At the beginning of the program I felt intense shame in what I was doing, in particular because I pulled from not only my scalp but also from my pubic region. Being able to discuss my thoughts and feelings with Vladimir over a period of 9 weeks has helped me to change how I view myself and my pulling.

January 2020

TrichStop is a good option for anyone who is set on solving this issue. I didn't stop pulling altogether but I have reduced it to almost zero. I have learned how to stop myself and how to forgive myself which seems like a huge lesson from this perspective and I don't know if that's how I would have thought about it in the beginning. You can say that TrichStop helped with perfectionism and not only with pulling.
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