New Trichotillomania Treatment Product- Prohibere


What is Prohibere?

Prohibere is the first treatment for trichotillomania that address the physiological aspect of the disorder. Not only was Prohibere formulated to prevent the urge for patients to pull their hair, it is designed for use as a hair product. No other numbing treatment on the market is tailored for use in hair. Additionally, the product performs exceptionally for migraine relief.

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Who are the people behind this treatment product?

Emily Kight has trichotillomania. She has been working at a lab while pursuing a bio-engineering degree, and decided to put her skills to use to adress the challenges she faces with trich on a daily basis. She developed the formula, made a small batch for testing, and has presented the idea at competitions. She has worked to develop key partnerships with the trichotillomania community.

Michael Kelly is also a bio-engineering student that has worked on market research analytics  and worked to write documentation and apply for the patent.
Linnae Raymond is also a student who has worked as marketing coordinator.

How does Prohibere help stop compulsive hair pulling?

By using cooling ingredients such as menthol and camphor blended with nourishing oils in a leave-in conditioner formula, the scalp is cooled and relaxed providing a tingling and cooling sensation to relieve urges from trichotillomania as well as provide migraine relief. Additionally, the formula also includes nourishing hair chemicals such as avocado oil, vitamin B5 and Tea Tree Oil that are common in luxury hair care products. The cooling conditioner was named "Prohibere" which in latin means "to stop".

The Pohibere team are currently crowdfunding capital in order to get this breakthrough product to market. The more people are aware of trichotillomania the more attention it will receive from the relevant people who can help donate funds towards developments such as this one. There are a lot of ways in which one can help such initiatives, it is as simple as spreading the word. We will be sharing an interview with Emily in next month's blog for more in depth information about her product. To support Pohibere visit their GoFundMe page here to make a donation.

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