Introducing the Pull Thru Blog


The Pull Thru blog is a fresh new online resource that tackles a grim topic like Tricholomania with an incredible sense of humour and wit. Blogger Lindsey, a “Trichster” herself; has pulled her eyebrows and eyelashes for as long as she can remember. She started the blog to empower Trich sufferers and promises that visitors to her site can find “everything Trichollomania, in one place”. She intends to arm visitors with as many Trich hacks as she can. The site provides advice for those with the disorder, coping strategies and tried and tested products.

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Sharing experiences

Lindsey gets very personal and it is this trait that creates a safe place for her visitors. In one of her journal style blog entries, she talks about how she hid her disorder for years, “like it was the biggest most volatile secret”. She documents how she went from having no confidence, and no lashes, to getting to a point in her life where she was able to use false lashes to camouflage her lack of natural ones. Her journey to being able to use the false lashes resulted in her being compelled to pull less because she didn’t want to ruin her make-up. In another post she provides tips and step by step instruction for applying false lashes as a Trich sufferer. Lindsey uses a video tutorial to explain how to go from nothing (no lashes) to “falsies” in 4-6 minutes.

Building a community

In a more serious post she addresses the subject of acceptance, Radical Acceptance to be exact. The concept, heavily practiced in Dialetical Behavioural Therapy, stipulates that the more stressed, angry or anxious one gets after they have pulled, the more one is compelled to pull. However, feeling depressed and shameful will not change the fact that one has pulled. Radical Acceptance teaches you to change your outlook. You allow yourself to pull, and then move on. Allowing yourself to move on frees you from the emotional bind that comes with the pulling. Lindsey speaks from experience, with compassion and understanding. Her blog is a far cry from the dull on-line medical forums and chat rooms available to Trich sufferers. She brings a sense of normalcy to the disorder by speaking about it in her “matter-of-fact” tone while still being educational and informative. Whether you have been newly diagnosed with Trichillomania or have been struggling with the disorder for years, Lindsey makes you feel that you are not alone and like there is nothing weird or wrong about you, because there isn’t!

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