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The TLC Foundation is now accepting applications for its Early Career Award Program (ECAP). ECAP is a mentorship and career development opportunity that supports rising stars in the field of body-focused repetitive behaviors, including trichotillomania (hair pulling) disorder, excoriation (skin picking)disorder, and related conditions. 

ECAP is designed to foster interest in a career serving the BFRB community through networking, professional development activities, and mentorship from leaders in the field.

There are separate awards for both researchers and evidence-based clinicians, and they include the following:

Applying is easy, and eligibility criteria are intentionally broad. See for details.

    • Complimentary registration to the Annual Body-Focused Repetitive Behaviors Conference hosted by The TLC Foundation for BFRBs.
    • $500.00 travel stipend awarded to top three applicants (two researchers, one clinician) to be used for airfare and hotel costs associated with the conference.
    • Two-hours of small-group mentoring sessions.
    • Assignment of a senior mentor from the foundation's Scientific Advisory Board or Professional Training Faculty.
    • Recognition at the Annual BFRB Conference.
    • Investigator Track: Individual mentorship from established researchers in the field, meeting with NIMH program officers to discuss successful grant funding, potential study collaboration
    • Clinical Track: Group Case consultation session with a senior clinician from the Scientific Advisory Board or Professional Training Faculty.
    • Invitation to the Professional Networking Reception.

All materials must be submitted to Leslie Lee at by January 5th, 2019.

Online Test for Trichotillomania

Find Out The Severity of Your Hair Pulling With This Free Online Test