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Meet Jay a well-known celebrity for his technology channel who has come to be known as the ‘You Tube Geek’ and also a successful weight loss blogger. These accolades have led many subscribers to his main channel as well as attracted many followers to his blog. In this blog where he has a wide audience of followers from his success as a weight loss blogger Jay confesses for the first time publicly about the torture and shame he has endured for the past 21 years due to trichotillomania. Deciding to share publicly for the first time about this disorder makes Jay feel he is taking control over something that has controlled him for way too long.


You doing it, you don’t want to do it, you know you doing it, but you cannot stop doing it. What then do you do?!

Like many trichotillomania sufferers Jay is unable to resist the urge and desire to pull his hair particularly his hairline. At times he doesn’t even realize he is doing it, it’s so impulsive he cannot control it. Aside from the embarrassment he feels amongst his family, he also feels guilty and ashamed because he’s out there in the public creating content and his appearance is important. The shame and loneliness brought about by this disorder is something many trichotillomania suffers can relate to. Jay describes feeling plagued and tortured by this disorder but he decided to share his experience publicly in an attempt to gain control over the disorder.

Spreading awareness, destigmatizing trich

Having a celebrity like Jay honestly and openly go public about the challenge of suffering from trichotillomania has an important effect on how the public views mental disorder because generally as we all know there is a great public fascination with the disorder of celebrities. Celebrities have positively contributed to the de-stigmatization of mental disorder and Jay coming forward has a strong influence on mental health awareness!



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