The Therapy Centre, 6B Church Street, Reading, Berkshire, RG12SB, England

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Paul Hughes

Credentials and degrees : 
BA Hons (Upper Second Class), Advanced Diploma in hypno-psychotherapy - a four year course which led to UKCP accreditation.
I'm a warm, experienced and professional therapist who combines hypnotherapy with counselling, psychotherapy, mindfulness and other approaches in order to help people leave unwanted behaviours behind them. I now train for the National College of Hypnosis and psychotherapy, helping to develop the therapists of tomorrow. This means that my employers have confidence in my skills. You can too!
Treatment methods: 
Trichotillomania and other BFRBs are symptoms of a deeper emotional difficulty. It began as a coping mechanism and turned into a problem in itself. I work on both the symptom (the pulling) and the cause. This means that when you pull your last hair you'll have stopped for good. I use mindful, hypnotherapeutic, counselling and practical approaches to help this happen.