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Judy Welch Psy.D

Thousand Oaks, California

(805) 373-1813

Credentials and degrees:

Psy.D in Clinical Psychology, Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology.
Graduate of (BTTI) Behavioral Therapy Institute from the OCD Foundation, Advanced study in Trichotillomania and Body-Focused Repetitive Disorders through the Professional Training Institute (TLC) Trichotillomania Learning Center.


I work with children and adults with Trichotillomania, Skin Picking and other related disorders. Over the years I have sought information, current research and training opportunities in the identification and treatment of OCD, TRICH and related disorders. Every patient is evaluated to determine the nature and severity of their disorder before an individual treatment plan is created. I see my role as working in collaboration with the patient, and where appropriate work with the entire family. Educating patients about their symptoms and diagnosis leads to understanding, and reduces shame and blame. I teach patients how to manage their symptoms, and together we strategize what would be most effective and increase quality of life. I have a licensed and registered therapy dog (Dogtor Louie) that assists me in the office. He has become a great addition to my practice and has helped others in a multitude of ways.

Treatment methods:

I use a combination of CBT, HRT, ComB (Dr. Mansueto's Comprehensive Behavioral Model), Relaxation and Stress Reduction Strategies.

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