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Joan Kaylor, MSED, NCC, LPC

157 Waterdam Road, Suite 260 McMurray, PA 15317

724-942-5477; 724-942-5479

Credentials and degrees:

Licensed Professional Counselor, LLC
Past-President - Pennsylvania Counseling Association


After earning my B.A. in psychology from Muskingum College in Ohio, I began working as a real estate property manager. I pulled my hair more than ever and added compulsive checking to my list of OCD traits. I did not hide my pulling from my co-workers but was dismayed to think I was the only one who pulled and that no mental health professional knew how to help me. I had been to a psychiatrist and therapist who were unable to help me. This was before current medications and treatment methods were known.

Treatment methods:

Treatment included CBT plus Energy Psychology. I also work with an occupational therapist and chiropractor and Doctor of Naturalopathy for sensory integration.

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