207 Townepark Circle, Suite 201


Christy M Davis

Credentials and degrees : 
Licensed Clinical Social Work (LCSW) Master of Science in Social Work Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
Mindful Growth Counseling is my private practice, opened in June 2018. Since I began my role as a therapist in 2004, I have held positions in both community mental health and group practice settings. I started my own practice in an effort to gain independence over the ages, ranges and diagnoses of clients I see. Taking on my first "trich" client in 2016, I have worked to seek out resources and training to increase my knowledge and ability to provide services to an under-served population in the mental health community. I have attempted to create a peaceful and accepting environment for individuals as they work to understand and overcome hair-pulling, skin-picking and other body-focused repetitive behaviors.
Treatment methods: 
At this time, I utilize the ComB or Comprehensive Behavior Model, developed by Dr. Charles Mansueto et al. This model combines the most effective methods of Habit Reversal Training and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.