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Alex Caroline Robboy

233 S. 6th Street, Suite C-33, Philadelphia PA 19106


Credentials and degrees:



I have been a therapist for 20 years. Most of my work is with individuals and couples. The primary focus of my work has been in the area of sexuality and relationships. From this base, I have done a lot of work with clients struggling OCD, Anxiety, Depression and body related issues, including, but not limited to Skin Picking. Overall, with my clients I utilize a broad range of established therapeutic and psycho-educational techniques to help my clients identify their goals and develop the skills they need to flourish. My mission is to help clients better understand their behaviors so they can choose the best path for themselves. I do not dictate the direction the therapy will take nor the goals my clients aim to reach – that is for each client to decide. Once a client’s goals are defined, however, my job is to support, nurture, challenge and educate the client so that he or she can achieve those goals. Using the right combination of therapy techniques I have been able to help many people achieve greater joy, fulfillment and satisfaction in their lives. I believe that I can help you too.

Treatment methods:

I use a Cognitive Behavioral Treatment approach. Treatment focuses on helping a client develop:
-Awareness / Mindfulness of the behavior and the feelings surrounding the behavior.
-Social support system to help them.
-A belief that they do not have to respond to an urge or feeling. By increasing the stress tolerance, separating thought and behavior is more achievable. The separation of these two concepts can feel freeing.
-An ability to substitute a different, healthier behavior.
-A new story / pattern that includes a change in their private experience of themselves.

In addition to “talk therapy” I believe that “medical” interventions can play a critical role in a client’s experience of success. For some clients, the use of lotions, topical steroids and antihistamines can reduce the itching sensations, thus making change more easily obtainable. Additionally, physical aids such as Band-Aids, medical tape, gloves or even the use of a comb create a physical barrier, thus reducing the frequency of absent mindedly pick at skin.

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