Trichotillomania Treatment Providers in Georgia


  550 Pharr Rd., Ste. 605 Atlanta, GA 30305


Barbara O. Rothbaum

"Outpatient Cognitive Behavior Therapy"... read more


  12 Executive Park Drive NE Suite 300 Atlanta, GA 30329


Richard A. Van Haveren, Ph.D.

"Dr. Van Haveren provides individual treatment to adults and adolescents with obsessive-compulsive based disorders including trichotillomania and skin picking."... read more


  3516 Old Milton Parkway


Pamela Dorsett, Ph.D.

"Offers assessment and treatment for children, adolescents and adults from a cognitive-behavioral model, with a specialization in OCD and OCD-spectrum disorders, such as trichotillo"... read more


  6000 Lake Forrest Dr., Suite 103 Atlanta, GA 30328

  (404) 256-9325 x733

Kasey Brown, LCSW

"Georgia Center for OCD and Anxiety exclusively treats those with OCD and other Anxiety Disorders, including OC-spectrum disorders (TTM, CSP, BDD)."... read more


  188 S. Milledge Ave., Suite 2 Athens, GA 30605

  (706) 425-2809

Justin Shewell, Psy.D., LCSW

"Dr. Shewell uses the above treatment methods to address symptoms of skin picking, hair pulling, OCD (& OCD-related conditions), trichotillomania, and anxiety disorders."... read more


  188 S. Milledge Ave., Suite 2 Athens, GA 30605

  Office Phone: 706.425.2809, Fax: 678.302.0196