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Murdledd , 19 Mar 2019

Is this Trichotillomania?

Hi all. I’m wondering if my profile fits the within the scope of this disorder. I am in my late 40s, and I’ve had this problem for almost 40 years now. I don’t deliberately pull out, but I habitually play with my eyelashes. I’ll figit with other hairs if they’re rigid enough but i strongly prefer my eyelashes. I look terrible with no mascara, so I pick that of course, but I also push and prod and rake my fingernails so my lashes go along under my nails. I think I crave the particular resistance of my lashes on my fingers.

When I’m not anxious it’s possible to remind myself to stop, but when I am or when I’m intensely absorbed in something there’s no way, I often end up breaking big swaths of leashes down to nubs, but sometimes I end up making them fall out. When they do, I jab them into my lips.

1 Answer
August 23, 2019
Yes that is Trichotillomania. If you’re unable to control it or stop and you’re suffering, it is. You can get help with CBT from a trained psychologist (proper one not just your typical therapist) . Good luck

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