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Kate1228 , 10 Mar 2019

Twisting, knotting and rubbing hair

Not sure if my other one posted because I can't find it. I don't know if I have trichotillomania. I dont pull my hair. I started twirling the hair that is underneath by my ear on the back/side of my neck when I was about 12. Twirling led to rubbing together, smelling it, and creating knots. I'm 32 now. It has not stopped but just last year it got worse. I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder, generalized anxiety and ADHD. I have been in SSRI's for a decade but just got upped to zoloft and adderrol. I no longer only play with the hair that is underneath and hidden. I do it to every part of my head. I take a small handful of hair and just start twisting, knotting and rubbing. It sounds like sandpaper. I used to do it alone but now I do it in front of my husband. I even run my flat iron over the hair I've been playing with bc it makes the smell stronger. My shirt is covered with tiny hair ends. My hair has gotten about 2 inches shorter in like 2 months. I keep the knots and make one big knot by my nightstand and play with it sometimes. I sound crazy as I am typing this don't i... People meet me and say I am so bubbly and outgoing but they have no idea. People asked me recently "when did u get bangs?!" I haven't had a haircut in about 2 years but its shorter! Every hair is split. One hair can have like 7 splits in it. I used to hide it but it's pretty noticeable now.

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