Long nails

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Long nails

My daughter who is 10 has been pulling her eyebrows and eyelashes for over a 1 1/2 now. I recently found that press on nails have kept her from the habit. She can't grasp the tiny hairs with the longer nails. So my question to you guys is: Do you think it would be worth getting her nails done professionally? Having acrylic tips and filling them in every two weeks. It seems like a very expensive solution but I am more concerned with the "cleanliness" of her fingers. I know having longer nails and tips can harbor bacteria. Is this something that is too much for a 10 year old? Is there anyone else out there that uses this as a "habit breaker"?
She is starting Middle School in a brand new school system next year and I don't want her teased by kids that don't understand.
I need your thoughts! Please!

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