Interest in Healing at a Retreat? Please provide input!

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Interest in Healing at a Retreat? Please provide input!

About 12 years ago, attending a Trichotillomania retreat saved my life and taught me the skills I use today to cope with my behaviors. These retreats have given some, including myself, the tools to achieve recovery from our behaviors. Not to mention, it is a healing get away and an opportunity to spend time annually with a community of others who can relate to you in ways you never imagined. This family of heart is strong and bringing us together is a powerful tool, I believe.

TLC has stopped putting on these retreats, and I have decided to take an attempt at carrying the torch. What I am doing now is trying to show that there is community interest in attending these retreats. Would any of you be interested in attending a 3 day retreat of this sort? Please let me know your thoughts and willingness, so I can gain information and build from that.

Note: We typically focus on holistic-style healing, but do also discuss medical research and potentially helpful medications. The main focus however is on healing through ourselves and building a successful routine.