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beeu23 , 19 Jan 2019

Need help

I have been struggling with thrich ever since I was 7 years old.
It eventually lead to a hairball in my stomach and I went through a vey traumatizing surgery experience with complications. After the surgery I somehow completely stoped pulling for 3-4 years and got my life on track again.
I got back my beautiful long hair and everything seemed fine until I started engineering faculty.
Now It’s my final year and most of my hair is gone .
It’s really not that visible since I learned to hide it very well but the fact that I managed to stop and now I am back to point 0 is destroying my self confidence and I can’t study or get out of the house some days .
I tried therapy and lots of stuff that didn’t work.
I don’t know how to cope with this feeling that I disappointed myself and I need some advice If any of you managed to stop and then it all came back crushing.
Thank you

3 Answers
March 02, 2019
I've been suffering with Trich since I was eight, and get your pain. I stopped for a good six months: the longest I've ever gone without pulling. Yet, I started pulling again recently and tore out most of my crown. And considering I still live with my parents, it's extra terrible. I even cut myself with a razor in the shower today. I'm scared out of my mind and it doesn't help that my mom continuously threatens to shave my head. I just feel embarrassed, shamed, depressed, and lost. Nevertheless, I've never eaten my hair and I'm sure it's terrible to go through. You might feel the same, and though I cannot give you many uplifting words as I'm in the same pit I'm sure someone out there can try to help you. For what it's worth, I believe you have the capability in yourself to get through these tough times. Just know that you're not by yourself in this and you can contact services whenever you feel the need to.

To the best of luck, adios!
March 27, 2019
Hi! I'm 23 and I don't know when I started pulling out my hair but it must have been between 11-12. I had wonderful curly hair but when I was 16 it was so bad that I've always had short hair cut since then. It is impossible to let it grow. I've tried different things, covering my head, keeping a piece of paper where I draw a line for every time I pulled my hair, forcing my friends to hit my hands every time I raised them to reach my hair. Nothing has worked so far. But at least I'm starting to realise what causes my trich: stress and study. You can see my desk full of hair after a studying day. I hate that I am in this condition, I hate my hair having different lengths and covering the holes with the little hair left. I also feel like nobody can understand. People are good at yelling at me because I am almost bald but they don't understand that this is not helping. Just tonight I had an argument with my boyfriend because I want to shave my head and he doesn't agree because he thinks it won't solve the problem. I cried all evening. But now I really want to stop. I don't know how, I will probably hang pics of me with beautiful hair on the wall in front of my desk, try to wear some bandanas, tying my hands while studying if necessary. This is so frustrating, it's time to say stop. I think everyone of us can. But we need help, we need someone that makes us feel that we're not alone, someone that really understands the gravity of the situation and doesn't underestimate it (unfortunately my family does). It's the first time I share my frustration on a forum, but I hope this will be also the place where we'll be able to measure and compare our progress. Maybe if we do it together it'll be easier. I wish you good luck!
March 30, 2019
I too have been struggling with this for way too long and likewise have tried everything holistically and not to curb my impulse to pull. It's been over 20 years and its definitely the worst it's ever been now. One thing that does help me a lot to not pull as significantly is preforming habit reversal therapy on myself. Changing my completing responses to something like squeezing a stress ball or playing with silly putty does help and I definitely think you should try looking into it. Best of luck!!

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