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kait1010 , 25 Dec 2018


For a number of years I spent hours plucking the hairs from my legs (primarily the front of my shins). Although I very rarely do this anymore (the urge is not as strong and I am much better able to control it), the follicles on my legs appear to be damaged. I think it may be a mild form of pseudofolliculitis, but I am wary of making a self diagnosis. It is impossible for me to get a close-shave; my legs always feel bumpy. There are no pussy sores on my legs, but the follicles appear to be red and enlarged and, in some spots, it almost looks like there is a small black dot (perhaps the beginning of hair?) deep beneath the skin.

This is causing me a lot of anxiety. Has anyone had any similar experiences? If so, did you find a way to successfully treat it?
I would appreciate hearing what you've got to say :)


1 Answer
January 18, 2019
Possibly that delapitory Nair? It might be a bit painful to scrub at the follicles with the "sponge". Could help correct the hair alignment.

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