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timotheechalam… , 14 Dec 2018

I found my own cure. sort of. with acrylic nails

I visited a therapist that never really helped me because all therapists do is suggest. They never tell you any answers or tell you what to do. That's not their job. Their job is to listen. My therapist told me to ' be mindful with my actions '. Especially with hair pulling. I never understood that after I got long acrylic nails which made every action I performed with my hands mindful and intentional. I could feel everything I was doing more because I have naturally short nails so acrylics are odd for me. So when my hand would reach for my hair like it usually does, I felt it and I retracted my action right away. I got used to them though and sometimes I would give in as usual. This isn't a clear impediment and solvent to my hair pulling issue but this DEFINITELY helped and it is also a way of treating yourself. Acrylic nails help me express myself fashionably and it helped me feel better also. Hope this helps any of you. Try to make your stressful habit more mindful. (this also helps if you're a huge nail biter like I am)

2 Answers
January 26, 2019
I’ve been a hair puller for 15 years this year, I started when I was 8 and now I’m 23. My scalp all over is scarce of hair and I do find that acrylic nails help! Purely due to the fact of the length of them and it’s physically difficult to pull it. My hair grows about an inch and fills out all over my scalp. HOWEVER - as soon as the nails are off my urge gets extremely worse and within 5 days I’m back to square one with pulling purely due to having gone so long without pulling and getting pleasure from the release it brings, so I will advise you to upkeep them, when they’re loose and need infilling, do it before they’ve even got chance to come off! :)
February 28, 2019
Ooohhhhhh myyyy GOSH! I literally just posted a question about this!! My daughter is 10 and I have been considering doing this for her. Can you tell me how old you are? And do you think this is too much to do for a child of her age? What about the upkeep? Cleanliness? etc.

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