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I am a high school student, i am 14 i find it hard to resist the urge of hair pulling. Usually when i am stressed or am feeling anxiety i pull out my hair. I hid it from my family and isolated my self because i was ashamed. I covered my hair with a hat or a comb over, but then i was caught. This occurred when i was the age of six. Luckily my family was understanding. First it was just minor i use to just pull from my eyelashes or eyebrows. But when my mother moved to California i started to pull from the top of my head. I was really concerned i just thought that this would only last for a little bit and it would pass. but it got worse and worse to the point to where i had bald patches. I am still struggling on maintaining self control and am getting better with the help of my dad and stepmother. I have one sibling too, my little sister who is three years younger than me. She lets me know when i am pulling when i am not aware of it. I am trying to come up with ways to distract myself and relax my temptations. Is any one having the same troubled or have and helpful ideas that can help me?