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tejava78 , 29 Oct 2018

CBD spray

This may be a little extreme, but over the years I have tried a host of things to stop pulling, and none of them have worked. So while this technique may not be for everyone, if you are desperate like me, this may do the trick.

I was sitting in my living room and noticed a small sample spray bottle of CBD oil for pain relief on my coffee table. I had gotten it as a sample while buying CBD oil from a store. The label said it was for applying on aching muscles, etc. I had forgotten that I had the spray, and I was feeling the urge to pull, and looking at the bottle, I suddenly decided to spray some of the oil on the fingers of the hand that I pull with, just to see what happened. I sprayed it on (two sprays per finger), and felt nothing. after about ten seconds I started to feel a slight but marked sleepiness in my fingers. Sort of like a very light sensation of numbness. I didn't pull all day. It was like my hands were too slow to follow through with the urge. About eight hours later, it had worn off, so I sprayed it on again. also I am a fidgeter as well, and I didn't fidget at all either w/ the hand I had sprayed.

this has been a pretty huge revelation for me. in the last three years my pulling and fidgeting has gotten really intense and bad. it's been impossible to make even a little bit of progress in stopping. this is not the magic bullet tho - I'm sure I will need to be conscientious in the weeks ahead, and do mental work as well to make sure I don't start again. but this technique has made me realize that I CAN stop and i CAN get there. i can dull the urgency behind wanting to pull, which is half the battle in many cases

I think you can buy this type of spray online, and probably at stores/pharmacies depending on where you live. anyway........good luck everyone and sending hope and positivity your way! if this is not the technique for you, I'm sure your technique is out there! keep trying keep looking, you got this

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