What do you do with the hairs / Is this normal?

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What do you do with the hairs / Is this normal?

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I've been pulling for about 12-13 years (since around second grade). I've gone through different variations of what I do with the hairs I pull (which mainly include eyelashes, eyebrows, and pubic hair). When I was younger, I used to put the lashes inside of my nose (I'm not sure what inspired me to do this). In more recent years, including present day, I've come to develop a strong habit of storing the hairs inside my eyes.
Let me explain. I take the hairs and essentially hide them inside my waterline (I will refer to this location simply as "my eye" from this point on). I will continue to add to the "collection" and have had probably up to 30 hairs at once inside my eye. I will go on a binge of putting hairs in my eye, then taking them out, then repeating the process over and over for extended lengths of time (I've spent hours at a time doing this process before, which ultimately affects my performance in regular life).
Has anyone else ever experienced this type of urge or anything similar?

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