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Shadow1234 , 02 Oct 2018

Hair balls?

I’ve suffered with trich for 4 years now and have been pulling the hair on my head to the point of haveing bald patches. I’m now very worried about the chance of getting a hair ball in my stomach. Does anyone know what the symptoms of a hair ball is? How commen are hair balls in people who have trich? When you eat your hair how does it exit your body? Can you live with a hair ball and never know it? Will it go away in this own? Please anyone who can help I would appreciate it.

7 Answers
November 17, 2018
Hey there, I am literally looking for all of the same questions. I too am scared like you, There is some stuff I have read about us and the possibility of hair balls and the dangers they can cause. Get back to me as soon as possible, don't feel embarrassed I feel the exact same way you do. I would very much enjoy talking to someone who is going through this too.

November 20, 2018
Hi sorry for the late response, I would really enjoy talking to someone going through the same thing too. Let me know if there’s a way we can talk like email or some other form of texting.
January 17, 2019
I have suffered with a hairball and had to get it surgically removed years ago.
The trauma that the surgery put me though actually stoped my pulling until 2 years ago when it came back and I am very disappointed in myself.
I would say to go for a scan to check for a hairball in time so you don’t let it grow too much in case it is there and you can still get it removed by an endoscopy.
Try feeling around your stomach and watch for signs such as the ones cause by esofagian reflux syndrome.
If I can help by any way let me know and we can get in contact
January 17, 2019
Hi! I would have a few questions I’m hoping to ask you. If that’s ok with you. You don’t have to answer all of them.
How old were you when your trich started and at what age did you get the hair ball removed?
How did you tell your friends and family?
When it was removed is there a large scare from where you were cut open?
What were some of your symptoms? Could you feel it in your stomach?
How did you find out you had a hair ball?

Answering these would really help me as I still think I have a hair ball, I would love to chat with you I think it would help both you and I... I still talk with Brandon and she has helped me a ton! Let me know if you want to talk further.

January 19, 2019
Hello! Of course I would like to help however I can , I am still extremely struggling myself.
I don’t exactly know how to explain how I knew I had a hairball. I kinda just knew, until one day it got so big i could feel it in my stomach.
My trich started around 7 years old and I had the surgery at around 14-15 .
Everyone close to me knew about my hair problem because it started when I was so young It kinda just became a part of me that wasn’t even that noticeable anymore because everyone was so used to it.
I was so convinced I had a hairball that one day I sat my mom down and told her : Mom, we’re going to the hospital now because I have a hairball.
I was a pretty smart kid so she completely trusted me and went.
I won’t lie to you. The first year or 2 after the surgery the scar was horrible.
However now I am 21 and I can wear crop tops it’s not that visible and in a weird way I am proud of it .
I would like to get in contact
January 20, 2019
Ok thanks... I would love to get in contact to. That way I could ask more questions and in some sort of way we could help each other out. Would email work? If it would you can comment your email and I can send you a message.

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