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Kateesme , 31 Aug 2018

Possible cure for my eyelash pulling !!!!

Hi just feel so happy about my situation ive found this forum to share with anyone!!!I'm so secretive and never discuss my eyelash pulling which has gone on since I was 8 and now 38!I hate it and it's a daily struggle that makes me feel constantly self conscious and shit!
Well a few weeks ago I was going abroad getting hair done etc and friend suggested getting gel nail extensions so I got them done and oh my god amazing results!!!!k cant pull eyelashes /anything!!!it's like wearing gloves amazing!now I actually have some long eyelashes appearing more than had since my teens so proud to beable to wear mascara and not just strange dark hiding eye makeup is 100% recco.end trying this as for me I would have wandering hands and pull eyelashes while tired/watching tv in bed or after few drinks in bed im really hoping cycle is finally broken . Personally im going to pay the £25 every few weeks as working for me unbelievablexxxxx

1 Answer
September 11, 2018
That's so great that you've found something that works for you! For me, I actually love long nails so I always keep my nails long, but that certainly doesn't stop me from pulling. But that just goes to show that just because something doesn't work for one person, doesn't mean it won't work for you, so those of us who are still struggling need to keep trying everything!

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