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Saletruuu , 19 Jul 2018

Pubic hair pulling causing rashes

I'm writing this with a lot of weight on my chest, because I'm very ashamed of my actions so please go easy on me.
I'm a 20 year old male who found pleasure in pulling his hair. It started at about the age of 12 years. It was innocent, with a couple of hairs per day on my head. From there it went to a point where i was pulling about 40 hairs per day and the number kept going higher and higher.. I got over it when puberty hit, thats when i started pulling my armpit and pubic hair.. I cant seem to stop myself from doing so and it has gotten me to a point where im starting to get nasty rashes on my crotch and anus area.. I once visited a doctor about the rashes so I'd get a cream that is only available with a perscription in my country and it helped with the rashes a lot, however due to being ashamed i lied about the cause..

Now im resorting to this forum asking you guys how to quit with the hair pulling and rash soothing.

Im looking forward to your responses and am eternally thankful.

1 Answer
August 14, 2018
I pull my pubic and armpit hair too (but I am female)!!
I would suggest putting lotion and vaseline on the rashes.

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