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videogamegirl , 30 Jun 2018

Has NAC worked for anyone?

Since medications never worked for me, my psychiatrist suggested NAC, but has anyone had success from it? Some people claim it has helped with it (reduced and stopped it) and other OCD problems they have. How long does it take to work?


6 Answers
July 02, 2018
i went to a conference for the first time and there were several girls who have had success with it....the one i couldn't even tell had trich....she said she uses it daily but it took about 8-9 weeks. i tried it and after about 2-3 weeks i noticed the urge to pull lessened.....the guy who led the conference was a professor from the university of expert on trich....he said to take nac 600mg and vit c (i cant remember why but it was important) 500mg twice a day. of course, something extremely stressful has occurred in my life and i have stopped taking it and the pulling is back in full force....i need to start over again but i got discouraged about starting over....however, since the picking and pulling are out of control, i have to start again....maybe tomorrow. well, i guess tonight:) good luck, fellow least there are others out there who know how much this really sucks
July 17, 2018
hey I had to open a new account. my doctor told me you should at least give it 3 months (that's how it works with trials) I've tried so many medications, this is my last hope, and then i will try a program or something because this thing is destroying my life plus i have major anxiety/ocd so i'm a mess. but if you look at studies they usually try for 3 months. Then again everyone varies in how they react, some might see a difference in 2 weeks and some in 3 months, so you never know. good luck let me know it goes okay? I am trying another SSRI and then if that fails the doctor suggested NAC and so did my therapist and a program.

Good luck!!! Don't get discouraged ..BTW did you ever try reading any books on this? or has anyone?? It makes it so hard to concentrate that I can't even read a book my sister bought for my on trich. :(
May 13, 2019
i just wanted to say that after 2 weeks of being on NAC 600mg 2 times a day (as instructed by doctor ) my hair pulling and OCD symptoms have been slightly reduced, and i feel a little better. He told me to continue taking it because it can take up to 3 months to see better results..and we will take it from I definitely recommend it because no medication has been beneficial for my hair pulling and it was annoying.

if you want to try it talk to your doctor about it..
Good luck!!
June 19, 2019
Ive been on it for almost 3 months and haven't seen any difference : (
July 04, 2019
I have bought some several times but never remember to take it consistently to see if it helps. I thought some days when I took it that it helped, when I would have a pull free day and had taken it. But I guess it doesn't work like that so maybe just coincidence. They did a study on it and said that the results said it did help some, can not remember the percentage. But as mentioned you need to take a good dose of Vit C as well while taking it. Look up NAC and Trichotillomania to find more info. I think that the NAC can be hard on the kidneys if u do not take the Vit C as well. I think u need to take just as much Vit C as NAC, so 1200 mg a day of NAC you would need to take a 1000 mg of C per day for example.
November 14, 2019
I've taken it, but struggled to be consistent because I found the smell horrific. I also hated taking four large pills each day.

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