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Worriedmom , 27 Jun 2018

Advise for a worried and worn out mom??

My daughter is 11 and looking back started pulling eyelashes around age 7. She now pulls her hair out on a daily basis and at the beginning of the year was almost completely bald. It grew back in a bit but she’s started again over the last couple weeks and is very thin again and bleeding sometimes. I am at a complete loss with what to do to help her. She wakes me up every night because she is pulling her hair out and sore or bleeding and she doesn’t trust herself to be alone anymore. She’s extremely anxious because of the pulling and unrelated to that has been a victim of bullying at school and missed most of this school year. We are in some counseling (just getting started as the wait list for services is horrendous) but knowing she has appointments makes the pulling worse. I don’t know how to help her work through what she’s feeling. We’ve tried so many distractions and fidget toys and reminders. We are both exhausted from not sleeping and she has not really left my side in over 6 months. I am one very worried and exhausted mom who just wants to see her beautiful daughter smile again and be happy. Any advise would be so welcome.

2 Answers
June 28, 2018
Hi, I’m suffering from Trich currently and I started as an adult but something that has helped slightly is to identify what triggers me and when I do get triggered I feel like I can be more mindful when I pull (it doesn’t stop completely but I feel like once I know the reason for pulling I can try and get myself out of the situation a little quicker). Sorry if this is terrible advice. Sending you and your daughter best wishes I hope you and her will overcome the pain of trich ❤️.
June 30, 2018
did you try the NAC? what has the doctor (if you've seen yet suggested?)
or this online therapy or any therapy provided near by?

I wish I knew what to tell you. It started for me at a very young age too, and over the years it has gotten worse. I've tried many medications, and they don't work. and I'm in CBT that has not been successful either.

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