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rootsofallevil , 28 May 2018

Is there a way to search the forum?

It seems like a lot of repeat topics over and over here because there is no search bar. Or am I missing it? I wanted to look for specific posts about the hair root. The satisfying feeling that only comes when I pull out the whole root. Especially when it’s a big, white root attached to a dark hair. Then there’s the opposite feeling, when I can’t get the root, and I’m convinced I lost it under the skin. So I have to find a new one. And then it’s 35 minutes later and I’m embarrassed I was in the bathroom so long. Also I’m a psych major and I downplay all of my mental illnesses, most of which are OCD-types or behavioral/addictive types. It’s ironic because I seriously emphasize an open discourse on mental illness all the time but when it comes to me and my demons - I minimize the hell out of them.

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