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Cokie1986 , 25 May 2018

Hair pulling and chewing the ends since as old as i can remember

Hi im new to this site and thought i would share my story i was 5 when i first started pulling why i started i really dont no why but its weird the satisfaction i got from it it was like a weird sense of relief im now 32 i dont pull every day but most days .when i pullmy hair i have the urge to bite the end of the root i dont no if any1 else does this i no its bad but sometimes i dont even realise im doing it .ive tried cbt and had the hair replacement in the past and it still hasnt helped any advice would be much appreciated thank you for taking the time to read this

1 Answer
June 20, 2018
I do this same thing. It’s almost like it’s a pimple on my head and I have to pull out the right hair follicle for it to stop hurting and go away. It has to come completely out or like I have to try a different hair.

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