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shavedsummerbummer , 25 May 2014

where to find good wigs

Hello everyone. I just had another soul-wrenching episode resulting AGAIN in a totally shaved head, (after 20 mos. of growth, longer than I'd managed to get for YEARS) The pain and humiliation and self hatred and complete despair are almost more than I can bear. Almost wanted to die at first, now in deep depression). After trying, unsuccessfully, to buy wigs online, (which is very expensive even if you just send them back due to the horrendous quality/fit, as there's always a fee plus mailing costs,) I would like to know if anyone has advice on finding a wig/wig shop/stylist who is within a day's drive of Iowa. There are many wig places in Chicago, I know, but I really want a classic, mod and well made wig and not being acquainted with the city I simply can't discern the shops I'd like from the ones that'd be a waste of time. I am desperate @ this point, and will be using up the last of my savings to travel up to the area, get a hotel, make wig app.'t, probably have to travel back a second time to pick up wig, and the thought of doing all this while I am so depressed and ashamed to even be seen in my small town, ( I've been wearing winter hats even to go to the store for groceries, which I only do at the crack of dawn so as to avoid people seeing me) well, I am really suffering right now. My family does not care, has no sympathy for the "it's not your fault" part. Their harassment of my to "get over it and stop being so selfish" really makes the symptoms/behavior worse, as I enter into a ptsd type of prolonged panic and grief. At 53 years old, one of my worst nightmares is coming true- facing an entire hot summer bald, overweight, alone and depressed. I never thought this would be how my life played out, but the trich/ocd/bdd/ has taken over and destroyed my existence... I have been trying to get effective help for two decades now.

2 Answers
May 28, 2014
Hi. Sorry to hear that you are having so much trouble right now. Im from north carolina so I don't know anything about wigs. I wanted to let you know that I am sending you love and energy! I am here to talk if you need me. Also 20 months was a great accomplishment. Did you do it through managing your behavior? What methods did you use?
January 09, 2018
I bought wigs from a couple places online. So far my favorite wigs are vivica fox. They are so comfy. After battling pulling on and off for years, this year was the worst for me. I never pulled to this extent. I ended up having to buy w/o. Divatress and Vogue wigs is where I ordered from. My favorite wig is called Rumer. I have ordered a couple more so I can wear to work and have for home. I am a truckdriver...yes a woman truckdriver. I am still very feminine and my hair pulling has made me miserable until now. I shaved my head and wear wigs. I love them. I will wear them until I feel the compulsion dissipate enough to regrow my hair. I'm sorry and I understand what you are going through and hope this helps

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