Lost my lashes, need help!!!

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Lost my lashes, need help!!!

I have had trichotillomania for years and I mainly pulled out my eyebrows and eyelashes. I would just pull out a few lashes and a little clump of eyebrows every week. But recently I just exploded and now i have no eyelashes left. I feel super embarrassed and I started pulling out more eyebrows now! I need to know how to stop or i’ll have no hair soon! Help me!!!

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I have been pulling off and on for 30 years. I have learnt about my pulling that it produces a feeling of SHAME. It retards me interaction with people and causes me to withdraw. I am assuming that is why I do it. Shame is the feeling I experienced first in my young life. I was ashamed of everything in my life before the age of 13. Since then I have tried to strengthen my relationships. When I fall back into pulling and have no eyelashes left, I apply eyeliner but people can still see the fact that I have no eyelashes, I still try to look people in the eye and not back away from my shame. I am going to try and use the, "what am I feeling" and "what do I need" as this program suggests when I catch myself pulling.

Also I learnt when I went to a semi-permanent tatoo shop the women there was familiar with Trich. She tatood my eyebrows and said she could do the eyeliner where lashless people would need it. She did not make me feel like a freak. I was surprised that she didn't have to remove hair to tatoo which makes it easy. But the sensation is strange if you have never had a tatoo before. Regretfully I never took the step to do the eyelashes, which I needed most before I moved to a rural area.