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saollimoyolo , 09 Apr 2018

Makeup Blog for tips and trichs

Hi y’all! I’ve been thinking of creating a make up blog or Instagram page for all of us that suffer from trichotillomania or even just conditions/treatments that cause hair loss. I’m almost 23 and I’ve struggled with trich since I was 8~9 and over the years I’ve tried to develop tricks to hide my condition or just to really help me face the world on a daily basis (literally). I don’t know if this would be helpful for any of y’all but I don’t want to start something that wouldn’t help or isn’t desisted so pls give me feedback! If it’s something that can help of that maybe y’all would want to see bc I’ve looked and there’s not a whole lot of pages that do that and it just gets so old seeing people who have full natural lashes and eyebrows so I want to open up a space for all of us to feel comfortable and help us battle our conditions daily with confidence.

Let me know! Thanks y’all.


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