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KittyWitty , 17 Mar 2018

Self Disciplined?

Hi, so today I plucked out my eyelashes again. Well actually it’s around 5:30 AM and I haven’t gone to sleep at all. I’ve spent the night on my phone, plucking my eyelashes out. I’m ashamed of myself to be completely honest. I haven’t plucked them out this badly before. There is no way I can hide it except with reading glasses. I’ve plucked them little by little within the last few weeks but tonight/today I went crazy. I know I have a problem and I know that there’s hope for me. But where will I find the hope? Before these last few weeks i haven’t plucked them out in months. Normally I can go a few months without doing it. I find it easiest not to pluck them when I know I have an event planned. It’s kind of like saving money because you know you want to buy something that’s expensive. Also, when I don’t have the urge to pluck them and they grow out “long” and pretty I am satisfied. I feel like this problem isn’t a problem at all and I can stop doing it. I’ve also realized that I only do it when I’m relaxing. Sometimes I’ll pluck the annoying ones out, like the ones that aren’t curled or the ones that are longer than the rest. And I find it really annoying with my eyelashes clump together. Basically I start with getting rid of the imperfections and from there it’s nonstop. I’ve also plucked my pubic hair but that’s not too serious to me because most of the time it’s shaved. I’ve read a few articles and I just don’t want to start plucking other things like my hair on my head. Never done it before and I don’t think I will but I don’t know what the future holds. I kind of started to pluck my eyebrows but I only did it twice and it’s not something I see myself continuing in the future because I really like my natural eyebrows and I want them to be presentable. As for the rest, I hope there is a cure. This is disappointing and I just need to stop. I feel like one day my eyelashes just won’t grow back.

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