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brichey , 13 Mar 2018

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I have been pulling my hair since the second grade. Eight years later, and I've tried just about every trick in the books. I've lost pretty much all my hope in ever stopping this. Trichotillomania is what is almost always weighing on my mind... It just never goes away. I'm sick of the teasing and stares from all the kids at school. I'm sick of the random questions from people I don't even know. It's embarrassing, and it makes me feel so ashamed that I do this to myself.
I once stated to my therapist that I wish I had Alopecia instead of Trich because then the hair loss wouldn't be my fault. I wouldn't be the one causing my problems. Sadness is such a prevalent feeling in my life, and in many others as well. I've only gotten sadder over the years as the condition worsened. In the beginning, it was only eyebrows and eyelashes, but it quickly progressed to being the hair on my head. I sometimes joke that I have less hair than my grandpa, who is almost completely bald, but it all honesty, its less of a joke, and more of a reality.
I hate this feeling so much, and I wish I knew someone else in real life like this. I really do feel so alone a lot of the time. Whenever I have to explain why I have no hair to someone, they look at me as though I am crazy. They can't fathom why I would ever voluntarily pull out my hair. Not even I am quite sure of why.
Anyways, I just want so bad for this to be over...
If anyone has any advise, I'll take it.

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March 14, 2018
Hi I just want to say don't give up. I have a daughter that has been dealing with Trich and we tried everything just like you and it seems nothing has worked for her, and then one day at work I was searching the net and just happen to click on this site and started reading reviews and doing my research and I said why not lets try it. I bought her the cooling conditioner and the hair growth serum. She started using both as soon as we got the product and she hasn't pulled ever since, she carries the conditioner everywhere she goes. Now i'm not a spokes person for this at all and from what my daughter has told me she loves the products and she is so happy and relieved that there is something out there that she can use to help her on this journey of her life. I hope that this helps you and goodluck.

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