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TrichMaster , 06 May 2014

What helps you not to pull?

Let's use this thread to share what helps us not to pull to help each other out.

7 Answers
May 06, 2014
I dont usually eat trigger foods such as caffeine and sugar, alcohol, sugar, soy, legumes, peas, grapefruits. I keep a journal and when i eat something that escalates my urge to pull i eliminate it. If i am urging really bad because of stress or too many offending foods, I take all at once magnesium calm, inositol, MSM, and NAC. I eat plenty of bananas so there is no shortage of potassium and drink lots of water. I also go into the bathroom and do a 1 liter warmed distilled water enema. That zaps the urge into submission and i usually dont have any urge at all after that. If i do its minor and i control that with behavior modification techniques and hypnotic tracks at bedtime. I take strong probiotics to restore good intestinal flora each morning. Enemas are not to be used in excess and can become habit forming, so use common sense.
May 20, 2014
what i find extremely useful is sports. after intense exercise the urges tend to go away completely. i can say that in general, at periods in my life when i exercise often, my overall well being is raised and the urges become less acute and more manageable. sometimes they go away completely, to return only at moments of high stress or tiredness.
May 22, 2014
Hi Trickie. Thanks so much for posting. I thought no one would reply, and then I wonder why not. Yes, exercise is very helpful for stress. I have been experimenting with those supplements only as of late. I was taking NAC for a while but realized I didn't need it all the time. I do use it if I feel an urge coming on. The last time I had uncontrollable urges, I took several supplements together as I said before, and I accidentally took too much MSM. It broke my chin and mouth out in a rash. Oh well, you live and learn. I am very grateful to be mostly urge free and pull free though for 5 months. At Thanksgiving last year, I relapsed on the trigger foods big time and it took me a couple of months to decide that I had had enough. I went on a fast to get cleaned out, and began again with a clean diet that keeps me virtually urge free. It's amazing!
May 22, 2014

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Trickie you are absolutely right about our overall well being. Yes, I have to agree, when my overall well being is raised and I am as healthy as I can be, trich fades into the background of my life.
laura Bertocchi
September 15, 2014
I don't pull them all day at school but when i am home alone i can't stop doingit. I just accept that i have this disease. What would you suggest me please. There are years that i keep doing the same thing without realising what i was doing

September 29, 2014

I have been an eyebrow puller for over 20 years. I have had enough, and am in the process of developing a product to help stop the pulling and also enhance eyebrow growth.

I have set up a survey to ascertain whether I am onto something before I put too much money into the project. I would really appreciate any eyebrow pullers or family of brow pullers to submit a response!

Once the product has been made, I will send the first 50 respondents a sample pack, as well as keeping everyone informed should it go ahead!

The link is:

I thank you in advance!
March 15, 2015
I like having to fiddle with, you can make your own paper fidget toy here (template: demo: I've made some pretty small ones that I can hold and flip in one hand so I use them when I'm in college trying to work so my left hand doesn't fiddle with my hair while my right hand is writing

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