Eyebrows to eyelashes to now my hair.

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Eyebrows to eyelashes to now my hair.

It all started when I was 7. I started pulling out my eyebrows. My mom noticed and told me to stop, the fear making me stop. But after a couple months I started pulling out my eyelashes. The fear stopped it again. But 2 years later, I moved to a new city. The stress made me start to pull out my hair. I don’t know when I’m doing it, I try to stop but the fear won’t fix it. I started to feel scared and lonely, like I was the only one. I’m getting better, but it won’t stop. I try my best to look normal but my bangs are gone, there’s bald patches on the sides of my head. I try my best to hide it but I notice people staring at me in school and public. I’m starting to realize when I’m doing it. I learned when I’m doing it by sitting on the floor in my bedroom, staring at nothing, arms stiff. But sometimes I can’t stop.

I know I’m not the only one but no one comes out so it feels like it. People are too scared to come out and tell. I know that. So don’t come screaming at me saying I’m wrong. Please keep your opinions to yourself. But I know for a fact some people are scared to come out and tell. I am too. But I am now 10, going through the same thing I did years ago

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I have a daughter who is 9 she has started pulling her eyelash out . she did pull her hair out for a bit but stopped .i have be to the doctors and not much help for her really don't know where to turn now.